About Us

Our aim at Middlemuir Heights Holiday Park is to provide a quiet and beautiful place for you to enjoy all year round. Middlemuir Heights is a picturesque lodge and caravan park situated within the historic walled gardens of the former “Castle of Montgomerie” in Tarbolton.  The gardens provide a sheltered but sunny aspect, commanding views across the pastures, woods and footpaths which Scotland’s most famous son, the revered poet and writer, Robert Burns, wrote about generations ago.

Seafront, Golf Courses, Sailing are all within a short driving distance. We are open all year round with just closing Monday to Fridays in February. On weekends in February we are still open to the Public. Our resident Bar, Sam’s bar is open every weekend.

We ensure family values and a traditional caravanning atmosphere are retained. We have a pub on site, Sam’s Bar for the adults and we have a new kids area for the children to play safely and securely in.

Our Static Caravans and Lodges will provide you with comfortable accommodation in the perfect setting to enjoy the stunning Ayrshire landscape with numerous unique Scottish attractions to visit and interesting activities to enjoy. The caravan and lodge park consistently accomplishes high standards of customer comfort and cleanliness, so you can be sure of a personal, friendly and efficient service at all times.

If you would like to know more information about Middlemuir Heights Caravan Park, please call us now at our Office: 01292 541 647 or on our Mobile: 074 6096 0358